Auto Body Repair Technology DVDs  1 - 5
By James Duffy    

Product Benefits:

  • six-plus hours of live action, simulations, and specially-selected computer graphics provide a unique learning experience while reducing instructor preparation time
  • 15 total modules (3 per DVD) each contain approximately 25 minutes of fundamental repair technology coverage, dividing complex material into manageable chunks of information for better retention and recall
  • interactive quizzes at the end of each program reinforce key concepts and instill confidence in viewers knowledge
  • a subtitle option is offered for the hearing impaired
  • DVD technology provides easy, non-linear access to the content on the discs and superb image quality


This highly engaging DVD training series features the most up-to-date content and latest technologies for all aspects of collision repair, including structural and non-structural repair as well as refinishing.

Both the theoretical and practical aspects of auto body repair technology are detailed, preparing viewers for what it takes to be a successful auto body repair technician or shop manager.

Safe work techniques are stressed throughout, and uphold the importance of following procedures as shown to ensure a secure repair environment.


DVD #1 ISBN 1-4018-78547
Body Shop Power Tools and Equipment
Vehicle Construction


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DVD #2 ISBN 1-4018-7856-3
Metal Straightening Fundamentals
Body Shop Materials & Fasteners
Fiberglass and Plastic Repair



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DVD #3 ISBN 1-4018-7857-1
Frame/Unibody Straightening
Estimating Repair Costs
Replacing Structural Parts, Corrosion


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DVD #4 ISBN 1-4018-7858-X
Measuring Vehicle Damage
Paint Preparation
Painting Fundamentals


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DVD #5 ISBN 1-4018-7860-1
Color Matching
Painting Problems, Buffing and Detailing
Doors, Glass, Interior Service


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